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Partner Agreement - Terms and Conditions

Please read and understand this agreement first. Then proceed to our signup area.

  1. Signing Up to be an Partner
  2. After we receive your application, you will be assigned the account name/code and password which you specified during the signup process. Whenever someone orders from your page, you'll automatically be sent an e-mail notice. You can also check your commission status and web site traffic stats online at any time.

  3. Partner Web Site Approval Criteria
  4. This is a subjective process, but below find some of the criteria we use in rejecting applications:

    • Promoting Violence
    • Sexually explicit or adult oriented
    • Illegal, or borderline-illegal activities
    • Copyright violations
    • Or web sites that we just don't want to be Partnered with!

    We expect to approve most applications, so please don't worry about this approval process unless you fall into these categories.

  5. The Term of this Agreement
  6. The term of this agreement begins at the time you're accepted as an Partner, and ends six months later.

    This agreement may be extended through mutual agreement.

    Either party may terminate this agreement, for any reason and in their sole discretion, upon written notice of termination delivered via mail or e-mail.

    Upon termination of this agreement, the former Partner must remove all Partner links and graphics from its web site, and refrain from publishing same in any manner whatsoever.

    We cannot be held liable, for any reason, due to failures or outages of our web site, or of the Internet in general.

  7. Payments
  8. The following terms and conditions were added to allow us to better maintain a quality Partner Program:

    • Our Referral Payment to you is 40% of the gross amount of your sales (before shipping) that the person you referred spent online at our web site -- after following a link to our web site, from your web site.
    • You will also receive a Referral Payment of 10% of the gross amount of sales (before shipping) made by partners referred by you.
    • You understand and agree that you are acting as an independent contractor and as such will be responsible for your own taxes and any other tax liabilities that affect the sales of our product in your state.
    • We are not responsible for any errors that may be present in the 'Partner' feature of the software.
    • An e-mail notification will be sent to you automatically whenever a purchase is made. You can match these notifications up with the commission report you receive at the end of each month.
    • We don't write checks for less than $10.00. If this agreement terminates with less than $10.00 accrued in Referral Payments, then no monies are due the former Partner.
    • We will not make a referral payment for any transaction for which payment has not been fully received, or for any transaction that has been rejected for any reason.
    • All commissions earned by an Partner will be paid monthly, within two weeks following the end of each month.
    • We are never responsible for paying any interest to the Partner for accrued but not yet delivered Referral Payments.
    • If the transaction incurs a chargeback, or if the online transaction is not completed in every way, no Referral Payment is due to the Partner. If one has already been paid, then it will be deducted from an active Partner accrued Referral Payments; otherwise it will become due immediately from the Partner (or former Partner).
    • All payments are in US currency.

  9. Copyright & Intellectual Property
    • Five Star Software will vigorously protect any and all of our title, ownership, and intellectual property rights. All such rights shall remain with Five Star Software and are protected by International copyright laws and treaties.
    • This agreement gives you no rights to any content on the Five Star Software web site unless we grant you permission in writing. This permission will be for specific use only.
    • Your web site is your property and you own it. Five Star Software claims no right to ownership of any of your web site or its content.
    • Five Star Software grants you the right to use the Five Star Software name (including the titles of the products it has produced) only in conjunction with approved marketing materials.
    • You are responsible to ensure that your advertising obeys all applicable copyright and trademark laws. You may not infringe on anyone's copyrights.
    • Five Star Software is not responsible and is to be held harmless for Partner's misuse of any copyrighted material.
    • Five Star Software will provide you with reasonable support.

  10. Modification of this Partner Agreement
  11. This agreement may be modified at any time by us, in our sole discretion, by modifying our web site. Continued participation in the Partner program constitutes an agreement with its then-current rules and information, posted at our web site.

  12. Affiliate Codes
  13. You will select your own affiliate code. If the one you choose is already taken, you will be given the opportunity to select another. Your affiliate code is CaSe sEnSitIvE. For example, the code 'planning' is different from 'Planning'.