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My Bar/Bat Mitzvah Companion Partner Program

How would you like to cash in on the profits from the sale of our successful My Bar/Bat Mitzvah Companion software (and any other add-on products)?

If you want to sell our software from your web site, it's as easy as joining our FREE partner program. We pay out a very generous 40% of the order for your own sales and 10% on sales made by other partners who signed up based on your referral. This is one of the highest paying partner/affiliate programs on the Internet (if not the highest) for Jewish products.

But just as important as making money selling this software, is the contribution you are making to help all those who are planning a bar/bat mitzvah. "My Bar/Bat Mitzvah Companion" is designed to help parents plan their child's bar/bat mitzvah from beginning to end. Most parents don't have a clue what to do when they are about to embark in the bar/bat mitzvah planning process. "My Bar/Bat Mitzvah Companion" has been successfully used by thousands of moms and dads (even their children) all around the world. We regularly receive compliments on how much our software has helped them plan their child's bar/bat mitzvah--now you can also help parents in the same way.

Here's what makes our partner program so powerful:

  • You earn ongoing commissions on every product sold for up to 10 years.
  • Get paid even if the customer comes back and buys 10 years from now.
  • Bullet-proof tracking system makes sure you get the commission. System tracks with cookies and ID number.
  • You'll receive an email notification of any sales you
  • You get paid on TWO levels of commissions! Therefore, not only do you make money from your OWN sales, but you also make money from all those partners who signed up as a partner from YOUR referrals


When someone signs up as an Partner under you, you are paid 10% commission on all sales made by that Partner.

As soon as the Partner is signed up, you will receive an automatic message from us informing you of the Partner's email address and name. This is your opportunity to contact this new member of your team and offer the benefit of your experience to help him/her really make the effort to promote My Bar/Bat Mitzvah Companion and begin earning commissions as soon as possible. This is vitally important to the potential income of both you and your Sub-Affiliate, and the first two weeks are the most critical time in determining the future success of his/her Affiliate business.

Unique code assignment

When you become a Partner you will receive your own unique URL containing your Partner Code.

You can chose your own unique code word which you feel is most appropriate for your business. Choose it imaginatively and your URL will not appear as a 'give-away' Partner/Affiliate link. For example, using the code word planning would create this link...

Yes, you can make it happen! By getting the word out about our software and products, not only are you going to make money, but you are also helping parents plan one of the most special day of their child's lives. Imagine how thankful people will be that you told them about the software. We have invested lots of money and time to produce a best-selling software and now you can take all the credit. Go on and be a hero, just sign up for our partner program now.